Technological Trends for the Bathroom in 2017

The main trend within the realm of the bathroom for the coming year of 2017 is without a doubt the immersion in technology. Bathroom renovations in households during 2016 will include mostly high-tech features.

The growing interest in adding advanced features to our bathrooms is still very far from the way it is in other countries. For example, in Japan, using toilet technology is almost compulsory. And this year that demand has increased in showers and bathtubs over this last year by 17% and 27% respectively. Surely one question is hanging over your heads:

Why include technology in my bathroom?

Technological trends for the bathroom in 2017

The main reason is to increase the service life of our bathroom. Modern designs and technology will help our bathroom refurbishment to withstand the passage of time better. And this aspect is fundamental, as a recent study shows that 57% of Spaniards spend between 30 and 60 minutes in the bathroom daily, and some spend more than an hour a day in there (only 10%). This statistic has increased in relation to previous years due to the use of the mobile phone in the bathroom.

Will my bathroom look like a spaceship?

Technological trends for the bathroom in 20172

Technological advances in the bathroom have little or nothing to do with the design. For the most part, these advances are not perceived visually in our bathrooms. Normally in bathroom refurbishments, we usually tend to modernize the design as well as the facilities. Similarly, the contemporary designs that include technology tend to be very discreet in relation to the final ‘robotic’ look. In any case, the key trend is to take a huge leap towards a much more modern design once we refurbish the bathroom. This is due to the fact that on average 16 years pass by before we decide to refurbish the bathroom at home. A piece of advice: We recommend always using a neutral color palette to stand the test of time in the best way and to increase the service life of your refurbishment again.

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Details to bear in mind

Technological trends for the bathroom in 20173

Taps, plumbing accessories, the floor, the shower and the toilet are all key points where we will be able to include technology in our bathroom. What will we improve by doing this? We will have access to full control of the temperature or we will increase the benefits of the traditional bathrooms such as saving water, remote controls, using hot water for the toilet, temperature control for the lid or even LED lighting. You will find every kind of bathroom furniture for renovating your bathroom. You can include technology in many of them if you want to tap into this trend. Learn more by using our customer support service.