The Most Authentic Drink on Earth Purple Drank: sizzurp

Purple Drank is basically a cocktail prepared with some home based ingredients.  It has created sky-high popularity among the modern American youth. This huge popularity gained up with the hand of some Hip Hop singers from the southern part of United States in the 90s. They deserve big thanks. Since then they are playing a key role in its promotion. As they got thousand of fan follower around the world, they can easily boast this amazing cocktail to the world. This Purple drank liquor are often presenting as a glamorous liquor in the electronic media. On the online, they have boasted this drink by many fun pages, hundreds of videos and many other online forums.  Still, it has got a constant promotion by various activities. In this article, you will get an authentic recipe of most desired drink on earth.

Necessary Ingredients:

  • 1 bottle of Cough syrup including active Codeine and Promethazine.
  • 1 bottle of soft drink (Sprite will be the best as it was the original)
  • 1 Jolly Rancher candy ( For sweetened the liquor and also give it the characteristic purple looks)

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  • Pour about 2-8 oz. cough syrup into a Styrofoam cup (You can buy the cups at any of your local liquor stores).
  • Add the Spite with the proposed cough syrup.
  • Add a Jolly Rancher candy into the drink mix. If you like sweeter then add two.
  • Mix the whole drink thoroughly.
  • Add some ice to make it chill.

That is the recipe for Purple Drank that has become one of the most anticipating drink on earth. Its active component Codeine and promethazine is a narcotic made from opium gum that comes from Poppy. That’s why its ultimate result is amazing. What can I say? It can produce a sensation feeling and give you so much relaxation.  So this is the best fun drink that can provide a sensation of euphoria.

You have the privileged to include more or less soda and syrup if you want to get high. To make the drink an authentic one…makes sure add the Jolly Rancher candy.  This candy will give your drink the best authentic Purple color. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your most desired and authentic Purple Drank sizzurp.

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