Tips For Doing Christmas Shopping

Christmas is joy, is to enjoy the party, dinner and gifts; but above all, Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus in the company of family and friends in your apartment. However, with the desire for everyone to share beautiful moments, planning this celebration can bring stress, occasionally caused by unplanned and last minute purchases. The solution to have a happy and quiet holiday is to have an effective Christmas shopping plan, so that we save time and money making the Christmas season the best of the year. Then tells you how.

The list

Take a minute to write down in a notebook the list of people you are going to give a gift at these parties and write next to each name an idea of what you would like to give away.


Set the amount you will spend for your Christmas purchases and then, depending on the number of gifts, assign an average or maximum price to each one. So, if you choose a gift more expensive than planned for one person, you can opt for one of lower price for another and you will keep within the budget.

The map

Once the gifts are defined, make a “map” of those places where you will go shopping for Christmas, small shops, malls, galleries or malls, and draw a route.


If possible, try to go shopping at times when there are not too many people. It’s true that at Christmas time, every business attracts a large audience, but if you go to a mall on Saturday afternoon, chances are it’s totally packed. Buying a weekday mid-morning or after lunch is a good idea. Another good idea is to go just open the store.

The team

Carry the notepad in which you have notes gives the list of gifts and the budget, have also a pen and an envelope to keep receipts and invoices. Wear comfortable shoes, remember that you will have to walk. It also has a bag of cloth or large bag where you can put packages or smaller bags to carry them in comfort.


If you carry cash, keep it in a safe place and take care of your wallet or purse. Try to use debit or credit cards. Avoid crowds of people. Avoid also, if possible, shopping with young children.

Share your joy

Christmas is a time to celebrate affection, solidarity and camaraderie. Remember that more than the price of a gift, its true value lies in the affection with which we give it. Thus, we will really live a holiday of love and peace.