Top Trends in Breakfast Catering

As people become more aware of their health and the food that they eat, breakfast is no exception. In a world where gluten-free and healthy options are widely available, including different types of milk, breakfast has somewhat evolved to offer far more variety in order to accommodate those that have special dietary requirements or who simply love to indulge in breakfast classics – sometimes with a twist.

Top Trends in Breakfast Catering

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Diverse Breakfast Options

In order to keep up with breakfast trends, catering supplies for establishments should include variety. Food which is diverse is essential in ensuring that the majority of consumers can be accommodated to reflect the breakfast revolution. Many people are dairy- and gluten-intolerant, which is why there has been a steady increase in the rise of milk alternatives, including almond, coconut and soy milk. Porridge, for example, is a much-loved favourite, and offering different options to consumers allows them to effectively custom-make their own bowl of porridge. Having a porridge bar which includes things such as different types of nuts, seeds and honey means customers can indulge in their own tasty creations. A variety of different yogurts and raw fruit bars will offer further healthy options, with the latter full of protein and perfect for those on the go. Protein is trending at the moment, and subsequently consumers are looking for protein-rich foods. The following link has some great ideas on current breakfast trends:

Classic breakfast items are still at the core of any breakfast menu, including omelettes and scrambled and poached eggs. Egg-white omelettes are increasingly popular, and breakfast burritos have really taken off in the breakfast market. Offering a modern twist on breakfast classics is very popular – chorizo is a common ingredient in today’s modern breakfast menu.

International Breakfasts

Breakfasts with international influences are increasingly available and include Congee, Mexican tacos or Middle Eastern breakfast favourites. Udon noodles, traditionally eaten in Japan, and ‘Spanglish’ are also very popular international offerings. Any business looking for catering equipment to create delicious breakfasts can find various options from suppliers such as

Many people like a variety of bread, including sourdough, wraps, waffles and traditional English muffins. Home-made jams are another big hit, alongside different types of honey and artisan home-made breads. Breakfast should offer variety, and little modern twists alongside healthy classic and international favourites are important in putting together a menu that caters to everyone.