Why Vinegar Is Not Just for Your Chips

Vinegar is one of those condiments that you have in your kitchen cupboard without realising all the things that it can do. Vinegar can be incredibly useful in many ways and is cost-effective and does not contain harsh chemicals.

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Down with Limescale

Being mildly acidic, vinegar is good for banishing limescale. Try putting some vinegar in a plastic bag and then attaching it to a crusty showerhead with a rubber band. Leave overnight and the limescale should be dissolved. Add some clear vinegar to warm water to make an effective cleaning solution to make your bathroom tiles shiny and remove all traces of limescale there too.

If grout is looking grimy, find an old toothbrush. Put some bicarbonate of soda in a saucer, dip the toothbrush in it, add a couple of drops of vinegar and bleach and then scrub the grout lightly. Then rinse well and dry.

Rescue Household Furnishings

If soft furnishings smell stale due to the smokers in your life or after a party, try wiping them with a cloth drizzled with clear vinegar and then leave them overnight. The following day, sprinkle lightly some bicarbonate of soda, leave it alone for a few hours and then wipe again with a clean cloth that has been soaked in vinegar and wrung out. The furnishings should then smell fresh. For more tips on using vinegar and bicarb in the home, see this report in The Guardian.

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Vinegar is also handy if you need to remove make-up or even other stains from pale carpets or rugs. Make a solution that is one part clear vinegar and two parts water and use a clean white cloth to dab at the mark and remove it. If you want to find out more about carpet cleaners Cheltenham, then it would make sense to consult reputable local services. You will find that carpet cleaners Cheltenham know all of the tricks of the trade when it comes to getting things sparkling clean.

Vinegar is useful for making food taste good, but it has lots of applications in the home too. As some cleaning sprays can affect breathing, vinegar is a great choice to suit sensitive respiratory tracts. And when you have finished cleaning, you can always sprinkle some on the fish and chips you are eating to celebrate.