7 Tips for the Auto Business for the Holidays

7 tips for the auto business for the holidays

Now that we are entering the holiday season, you can do several things to improve productivity, sales, customer satisfaction and profit. Each of the following tips has helped many entrepreneurs in the field of auto business in Europe, and they are still effective today.

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Here some tips for the auto business

  1. Bonuses for the end result – all you need to do is set a sales target for the end of the summer, and then tell the whole state that if the goal is reached by August 31, they will be eligible for a really nice bonus. You can also tell your technicians that if they achieve specific productivity goals, you will give them a predefined amount of credit that they can use on their favorite car.
  2. Plan a charity drive for the holidays – choose a charity (or reason) close to your heart that will reach the hearts of your ideal clients. By collecting money for these organizations, you will not only help a worthy cause but also communicate with people who may well be your ideal clients. For example, you can publish full-text ads in local publications that tell the local community about your charitable activities. At the same time, there is no promotion of a company or services anywhere in advertising. It’s about kindness and help.7 tips for the auto business for the holidays
  3. Send the correct greeting cards. Identify your best customers, and then, instead of sending them one of the typical pre-printed vacation cards, send them a pretty boutique card with a hand-written letter. All you need to do is go to the local store, which sells really good cards that are empty inside, and then find postcards that best reflect the holiday season. Then write a short, handwritten message inside that comes from your heart. Your postcards will be absolute winners, which will send your client a powerful message that you really care about them.
  4. Make important phone calls. As we all know, in every business there are certain customers, which are much higher than all the others. You have to make a list of these people, and then call them to personally wish them a happy holiday season.
  5. Place the tape on each screen of the computer. The goal is to remind service consultants that they wish each client a happy vacation at the moment of giving up the car. At the same time, it’s not a quick wish for a “Happy Holiday”, but rather it is recommended that service consultants spend at least a minute to convey their hearts to their customers, and then ask these clients to convey a message to their families.
  6. Gifts for key customers – it’s not and it’s about giving gifts to everyone, and to those customers who are especially special in many ways. In such cases, you can give them a beautiful book containing images of wildlife, lakes, etc., and a personalized message from you written inside.
  7. Make a gift to those in the service – be it the police and firefighters, or doctors who work during the holiday season. This will make them understand that you appreciate their service, and will send a powerful message about the type of person you are.

If you apply these tips to your business, you have every chance of not only keeping your sales, customer satisfaction and profit, but you will also be different from your competitors, and thus you will be able to build a more profitable, successful business for years to come.

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