How to increase sales of your product with the right words

increase sells

Do you have an online store? Do you sell beauty products or fashion? This sector, next to the luxury has not suffered the vagaries of the economic crisis.

But if you want to stand out from the competition, the key is in the SEO and a good description of the products. The positioning help, but once your customers find you on the net, Make this easy with an attractive image and a full description.

increase sells
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We save time and give information

If you do not want to lose a sales opportunity, be generous with the description of our product makeup.

Just take a look at the best online stores. In addition to supporting their texts Product images from all perspectives, the words invite us to make the decision to purchase.

What is it for? What is its composition? How is it used? I tested on animals? What other consumers think? Why do we need this product?

Describe to your audience

Imagine you have a cosmetics store. PRICED TO SELL. Do we know our target audience? In this case would be that of a woman between 25 and 50 years. Especially women.

Put yourself in the place of one of these clients. For example, Laura 35 years. Laura is looking for a foundation. You need information because it is a product you need to check that will be right for your skin.

Besides photography, we must include the various shades of the product, to be next to a face to guide the future user. Use language in which prime the information with expressions related to the benefits of : a smoother skin, which hides imperfections, signs of fatigue .

SEO is also beautiful

Use keywords that will help us position is critical. For this reason, we must write for the user and also for SEO, always betting on consistency and effectiveness.

We will use terms (following the example) as foundation, hide wrinkles, blemishes, and so on.

You can select keywords by country. To better define the search. This is not to abuse such expressions, but to use the right, the right to our audience.

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