Empty business cause rejection

We all familiar. We strolled down the street, we have a moment of leisure and looked for a place to drink but … something strikes us. The place is empty why rejection causes us a space where there is none?

On the other hand, what are you doing wrong to make your business invisible to customers. For that unwritten law, have a person decides not to cross the threshold of your door.

empty-business-cause-rejectionNot the same choose a time where we know that there will be a large influx of public and so shop with confidence to be the only human being in a leisure center, for example. We are social animals, we need to buy without stress, but certain moments need to be with more people.

Music can be the best, the price of drinks ideal but what about the environment? Who relate? If it is important to take care of the aspect of a business, it is also another series of aspects of logic.

And I speak to increase sales and influx (existing)

Tips to attract customers

  1. Location: Thinking where to open our business is fundamental. In fact, part of the marketing strategy of McDonald’s is based on choosing a good place where customers will be assured.
  2. A showcase: On occasion we have talked about its importance. They are an invitation, an incentive for the consumer. Tempting, that report.
  3. Environment: The music is shown that invites to stay in one place. Choose appropriate to your audience to want to follow in your establishment.
  4. Facilitates the shopping experience: Shopping or a coffee is related to leisure. Make this easy. The products are within reach, the signage is visible, Care aesthetics, and smile.


Known as ABC needs of your customer. And most importantly satisfies each of them, your business is the first thing they think. The more expert you are in your client, your business will be more visible.