The street marketing is also for SMEs

The street marketing is a marketing tool that requires ingenuity, but also a good previous study. At a time when the digital marketing is the star. The precise street life, shops or small businesses can not wait for business to fill without lifting a finger.

What is the street marketing? Any advertising action that takes place in a public space. In streets, shopping areas seeking to cause direct impact on consumers.

Notepad with word marketing concept and glassesThe street marketing is not a territory for big brands If we devised simple guerrilla marketing campaigns can put our product in the minds of those potential consumers.


  • We start from a good base: the street, place that knows the customer and can beassociated with childhood positive memories awakening
  • Bet surprise. An object of extraordinary dimensions? A zebra crossing with an indicative to remind our business? Do you harness the nearby street furniture to attract attention?
  • Remove a smile to pedestrian and will be a great achievement. Move the business to the street can have several purposes: sell, loyalty, differentiate themselves from competitors, and so on . Either one is fine, so we should not strive and for nothing.
  • We can trust our resources or hire the services of a specialized agency. In any case, if we start with good planning, the ideal can be take out us.

Go to social networks

Our brilliant campaign on the street, can be a success if we warn through social networks of their existence. If we intend to organize a small race, a children ‘s party … Let the media come will be perfect to make shine our campaign.


Observe campaigns street marketing known brands we can provide inspiration. Do not forget that we need government permits for our action.

Important to be realistic and bet on an idea that does not involve much expense. Perhaps a relevant person in our city wants to participate in an altruistic way, why not?