How To Choose the Best Wheelchair

Choosing the right wheelchair can be difficult as there are many different types and styles with different functions. You’ll want one that best suits your needs and is comfortable for you. Read on to find out how to choose the best wheelchair.

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Firstly, your priority when choosing a wheelchair should be your needs and how well your wheelchair can support you. You need to take your level of mobility into consideration such as if you will have to move on and off the wheelchair by yourself, and if you are able to push the wheelchair yourself. You must look at whether you need extra support for your legs, or back, and depending on your disability, whether you are able to use hand functions and switches alone.

The next factor to help you choose a wheelchair is your weight and height. You don’t want a wheelchair that is too small or too big for you so that it could cause discomfort. If you are tall, you’ll need a higher chair, so your knees are not too high up, but if you have to be sat in a certain position or have a certain posture, make sure the chair supports you.

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Lastly, wheelchairs can come with many extra features such as sports features if you will use the wheelchair to do exercise in. It will likely be more light weight, so it is easier to use for physical activity. Some wheelchairs can fold up on their own, and some have automatic footrests.

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