Your own footprint

Reworking or renovating a room is a fantastic opportunity to explore your creative ambitions and give you and your home a fresh new look and feel by placing your own footprint on things.

However, this does come with its own challenges.

The biggest of these being what approach should you take when aiming to give your room your own creative footprint, as there are many paths that can be taken to add your own distinctive look to your home to your home.

Do you go down the accessories route, introducing interchangeable cushions, throws and other features, the constant rotation of these small features allowing you to give your room an individual style, if not temporarily.

Another option would be to redecorate your room with new wallpaper or paint which is a fantastic way to add your own personality to a room.

However, there is a third option to adding your own footprint to your room design, one that feeds your creative ambitions.

This option is installing a brand new floor in your room. Now at first, this may seem an extreme option to reinvigorating your home design and making your own design statement, yet there are a number of reasons why replacing your old floor is a great way to stamp your own footprint on your home design.

1. The floor is the foundation of any room design

To begin with the flooring, you choose for your room, be it carpet, vinyl, stone tiles or laminate flooring will always act as the foundation for your room décor. This is because our choice of wallpaper, paint and even furniture is often determined by the floor, with the aim being to achieve perfect chemistry between all of these factors.

2. Creative freedom

Believe it or not flooring is one of the most customisable pieces to the home design puzzle. This is thanks to the limitless options available to interior designers when it comes to flooring. Earlier I mentioned the choices of home flooring available on the market, however beyond this there is a world of customisation available.

This is a common feature with carpeting, where you have access to hundreds and thousands of different designs, in which to build your room design around.

Another option for those looking for a more custom room design is to g down the laminate route. This increasingly popular flooring with a wide range of colour options available including white and grey oak laminate flooring, allowing you to create a distinctive and tailored room design. This flooring option also offers you the opportunity to replicate a stone tile effect into your room design.

It is this level of creative freedom that allows you to unleash your own creative ambitions and create a design that has your own distinct footprint.

3. Creating a one of a kind design

This final point is more related to natural flooring features such as stone, marble or natural wood flooring. These flooring options come with their own natural quirks and details which are nearly impossible to replicate via man made methods.

This means that the natural grains and knots of an oak wood floor can steal the show, helping to create a one of a kind designs with your own personal flair.