10 Breeds of Dog for Children

When thinking about having a dog, we come to mind a lot of breeds to choose from. In order to find the right breed for our family, we must take into account their beauty, their character, and even more if they live in the house. In this note, we will present 10 breeds of dogs for children.

1. Beagle

10 Breeds of Dog for Children

He is an active and above all friendly dog. He likes to play with children, and his size makes it perfect for confined spaces. You need to walk at least once a day, otherwise you can destroy everything you find in your path. He is demanding, meaning he does not like being away from his family for long.

2. Labrador Retriever

10 Breeds of Dog for Children1

She is an intelligent race, learns easily. Affectionate, patient and loyal. It is not noisy or barking, it is very quiet to live in the house with children.

3. Collie

10 Breeds of Dog for Children2

The collie is protective, playful and affectionate. It is excellent to live with other pets, but distrustful of strangers. There is no doubt that it will protect the small ones.

4. Boxer

10 Breeds of Dog for Children3

It is a loyal and noble race. Active by others, so it is excellent playing hours and hours with children. But attention, in public places we should not neglect a minute since it is a territorial and dominant dog with other dogs.

5. St. Bernard

10 Breeds of Dog for Children4

The Saint Bernard is a loving, peaceful and good-natured dog. He is protective and loves to play. To think of this great dog as a member of the family, besides providing a good workout, you need a large home, with space to exercise and run.

6. Pug

10 Breeds of Dog for Children5

It is a caring and happy race, but if it is found it is only boring. He loves to play, so children will have lots of fun in their company. The pug is not aggressive at all, so it is ideal to ensure the pranks of the little ones.

7. Newfoundland

10 Breeds of Dog for Children6

He is an extremely docile, protective and kind dog. With him, any member of the family will be safe. He loves playing with the little ones, and especially if it’s in the water. You need open spaces to exercise.

8. Cocker spaniel

10 Breeds of Dog for Children7

It is the friend that every child wants to have, playful, cheerful and gentle. He is always in good spirits, so he will try to rejoice all the time.

9. Bichon Frizz

10 Breeds of Dog for Children8

He is an expert to please, training him is very easy, since he will do everything to make you happy. He chases and plays with the little ones. It is excellent for small homes.

10. Schnauzer

10 Breeds of Dog for Children9

It is a dog that adapts easily. The best choice if the family loves physical activity. He is cheerful, guardian and of great energy.