In Valentine, Some Chocolates and … a Wearable

With Valentine’s arrival just around the corner, you’re probably going around thinking about what the perfect gift will be. A choice that is not always easy, especially if you want to go beyond the typical flowers and chocolates and find a gift that appeals to your partner but also is useful.

It is the case of wearables, perfect devices not only for the more athletes, but also for those who care about their health, wants to keep track of their daily activity, monitors sleep, and so on. Fortunately, the market offers a wide variety of models that fit every need.


In Valentine, Some Chocolates and ... a Wearable

We will begin with smartwatches, smart clocks capable of carrying out multiple functions such as counting the steps we have taken throughout the day, determining the quality and time of our sleep, detecting the type of exercise that we have performed automatically, and even Integrate GPS, perfect for lovers of disciplines such as hiking or trail running.

There are also those that integrate features of voice recognition and allow you to answer through the screen itself, draw as a response, and even have small speakers with which can play the music present in our smartphone.

The variety of manufacturers – Garmin, Apple, Pebble and others – and designs is remarkable; In fact, there are some very sophisticated with stainless steel finishes and silver strap, but also more simple ones with easily interchangeable silicone strap and others. A wide range of possibilities makes it the perfect gift for almost anyone since it can be adapted to all styles.

The presence or absence of buttons is another key factor that you should keep in mind. These first ones are perfect for those who sweat a lot, who have jobs that require dirtying hands (cooks or carpenters, for example); While the latter are preferred by the younger audience.

Fitbit Surge

In Valentine, Some Chocolates and ... a Wearable1

The Fitbit Surge is a model that has a careful design, strap in various shades and that adapts comfortably to the wrist. Regarding its functionalities, it is a physical activity monitor with GPS and heart rate monitor, which collects data on different cardiovascular activities such as running and other automatically.

In addition, it allows you to view incoming calls and text messages on your mobile phone, control the songs and have a vibration alarm. It is ideal for sports, as it resists water up to 5ATM, so it can withstand factors such as sweat and other, typical of sports.

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Hybrid Smartwatch Skagen Hagen Connected

In Valentine, Some Chocolates and ... a Wearable2

Skagen’s Hagen Connected Hybrid Smartwatch is a watch that creates the perfect combination of design and functionality. Smart-looking, this is an intelligent device that does not require digital display but is capable of keeping track of physical activity such as the number of steps and hours of sleep. It also lets you receive notifications and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

It also does not require charging but has a built-in lithium battery whose life lasts between three and four months depending on the use. Interchangeable straps and dial finished in gilded stainless steel are another key to this high-end accessory. It also resists water, up to 30 meters.

Activity Bracelets

In Valentine, Some Chocolates and ... a Wearable3

Another alternative to smart watches is the activity wristbands that, unlike these first, do not usually display the data on the screen (some like the Fitbit Charge 2 have a small LCD where the heart rate is taught ) and, in fact, Accustomed to lack of it. Instead, they offer the information directly in the mobile app, with which they synchronize.

In addition, these have social options to share our achievements with other users – and compete with them – and with others able to create statistics and inform us of our progress; A great way to stay motivated. Definitely a comfortable and light wearable type, ideal for those who prefer not to carry large wrist devices that companies such as Fitbit, Polar, and others, have not hesitated to bet.

Jawbone UP Activity Bracelet

In Valentine, Some Chocolates and ... a Wearable4


With a careful and discreet design, the Jawbone UP activity bracelet is a comfortable, affordable and useful wearable that will record how much you sleep, eat and move; And that will help you use this information to feel better and adopt healthy habits. To view the data you will have to access your app, where it is even possible to include information about mood.

As for its material, it is made of medical-grade hypoallergenic TPU rubber, is flexible and resists sweat, rain, and splash. You will find it, in addition to blue, in other colors like black; As well as in different sizes that adapt to each wrist.

Fitbit High Bracelet

In Valentine, Some Chocolates and ... a Wearable5

The Fitbit Alta activity bracelet with the pink and gold finish is a perfect bracelet for women that is made of a flexible and durable elastomer material. In fact, it is also resistant to splashing water, sweat and rain (although not submersible).

You can monitor the steps, distance, calories burned, activity minutes, type of activity, downtime; And includes notices so you stay active. Another of its virtues is found in its small touchscreen OLED, very fine and that gives you instant access to your statistics.

Heart rate monitors

In Valentine, Some Chocolates and ... a Wearable6

If on the other hand, your partner prefers to do without previous wearables when he goes to work, you can always give him a heart rate monitor. They are of different kinds, for example, those that are fastened to the chest – rooting – to better capture the heartbeat, immediately, continuous and very practical.Some even come with several selectable heart rate zones and calorie counter; While others integrate GPS and have a form similar to that of a small player.

In case your loved one already has one, choose some type of specific support to take it, a compliment that probably decided not to buy but that surely thank you, especially if you practice a mode such as cycling.

FT7M Polar Heart Rate Monitor

In Valentine, Some Chocolates and ... a Wearable8

Simple and perfect design for those who want to improve their fitness and burn fat, we stay with the pulse meter FT7M Polar, a device that has an exclusive Energy Power function that visually indicates the effect of training, The exercise we are burning calories or improving our physical condition, precisely.

It also shows the calories consumed and keeps track of our weekly training. Includes a comfortable WearLink textile heart rate transmitter, with a coded system that prevents interference with other devices such as other runners with which you go jogging.

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Boomerang heart rate monitor

In Valentine, Some Chocolates and ... a Wearable9

PulsonmetorThe Boomerang W213 heart rate monitor is one of the most complete, allowing the athlete to select up to three different heart rate zones. It is placed around the chest, and also comes with a watch, where you can see the heartbeat immediately. It includes visual and auditory alarms for the moments in which a certain area is exceeded, something very useful to prevent accidents.

Bluetooth Smart Polar cadence sensor

In Valentine, Some Chocolates and ... a Wearable10

It is a cadence sensor focused on cyclists who find out the most efficient pedaling pace. In addition, it works with Bluetooth Smart technology and consumes very little energy. It also allows you to consult and analyze the data of your training thanks to its web service Polar Flow and is compatible with different fitness apps. Another virtue is that it has a simple design and small, light and comfortable to carry.