Keeping your contents secure in your van

Not only is your van a vehicle to get you from one job to another but also it is your livelihood and an integral part of your business. Keeping it as secure as possible is vital, so we have compiled some helpful tips on how to keep your van and its contents secure.

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No tools left overnight

As equipment and tools become heavier and increasingly valuable, emptying your van of equipment each night is not always practical. Thieves are taking advantage; in fact, tool theft has rocketed by over 30 per cent across the UK in recent years. Making your van secure is therefore a necessity.

Steel window grills and tints

Window glass is often the weak link in a van’s security. Window tints and grills provide a visual and physical deterrent and can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Padlock and chain equipment to the inside of your van

By padlocking equipment to the inside, you will make life a lot harder for prospective thieves. Also consider marking tools with a smart UV pen; should the worst happen, this will make it easier to track down stolen tools. The ink shows when exposed to an ultra violet light but is undetectable to the naked eye, making this an affordable and ingenious way to safeguard and track down tools.

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Alarms and locks

There are a wide array of locks, alarms and security devices to enhance the security of your van:

– Category 1 alarms. These are good-quality and high-tech systems that can be fitted in almost any van.
– Slam locks. These locks automatically lock the van door when it is slammed shut, which prevents opportunistic thieves entering the van when it is unattended for a short time. For a wide range of van locks, consult a specialist.

Whilst not cheap, alarms can be very effective in preventing theft.
– Deadlocks. These effective locks are operated by a bolt being launched into a receiver fitted into the opposing section, all operated by a key. These locks are extremely difficult to break, as there is no spring mechanism.
– Van lock protection plates. Specially made steel plates can be installed that encase the existing locks and prevent thieves attempting to pry or drill the locks out.