Consistency in Online Brand Imagery is a must

A few years ago, the idea of “multi-channel marketing” was revolutionary, but today it is simply the default state for a brand’s marketing policy. Just as we no longer bother to comment on the multimedia “features” of a website, we simply assume that every company has an online and offline marketing strategy.

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However, now that websites are commonplace, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that those websites are of a high quality and that they reflect the brand that they serve. If your bricks-and-mortar brand differs too much from your website, then consumers are likely to be confused. In contrast, a consistent brand image will help to drive sales and increase loyalty.  If you are unsure where to go next then I would recommend getting a Branding Agency at links including

A Customer-Centric Experience

A good website will not only reflect your brand; it will also entertain and inform your customers, providing them with valuable information and offering a positive experience. Most people go to a website to achieve a goal – whether that goal is to find out about the products and services you offer, read a news article, check prices, contact customer services or just window-shop.

Your job, as a brand owner, is to make sure that your marketing is consistent and that everything you do helps your customers. Sometimes this means that you need to draw on local knowledge when you are working on your branding. For example, if you have a bricks-and-mortar store, then working with a company that does web design near you will help to ensure that your content and your design appeals to locals. You may be surprised at how much regional differences can affect consumer tastes.

Ideally, you should tie in your print marketing and press releases to your online marketing. Full-service design companies can help with this because they handle everything from business cards and letterheads to website design, content creation and link building.

Reach the Biggest Audience

Even if you don’t plan on offering e-commerce services on your website, it is still worth investing in a high-quality site because your website will act as a tool to drive footfall to your premises. Mobile devices are near ubiquitous, and it is becoming increasingly common for consumers to use them to search for ideas for stores to visit, restaurants to eat at or coffee shops to chill out in. When a person searches on their mobile, it is because they are planning to visit that kind of place or make that kind of purchase in the very near future – and having a good website which has been carefully optimised to rank well on local searches will stand you in good stead to take advantage of that.

Modern marketing requires both a strong real-world presence and an equally strong online presence. The two can complement each other and feed into each other, creating a strong and consistent brand message that will help you to stay in the minds of your customers at all times.