Creating brand fanatics

The latest trend to attract customers is the experience. Surveys have discovered that people are now valuing experiences over material goods. Perhaps it is the rise of social media, where people want to photograph and document unique moments but it’s clear that consumers now wish to enjoy moments of fun and pleasure rather than something more tangible. So, how can a business engage in this trend to build a bigger fan base?

  1. Exclusive Events

Consumers are tiring of the traditional rewards card and loyalty point schemes, so companies are branching out into rewarding loyal customers with special experiences. These include ideas like special early access to new product launches, beta testing of brand-new inventions, employee meet and greet sessions and release parties, to name just a few. An event doesn’t even need to be that grand or expensive, as long as it involves a level of real exclusivity and a feeling of insider level engagement.

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  1. Allow customers to choose communication channels

Customers today spend their lives on multiple platforms and gone are the days where they will wait to be engaged by a company only via email or phone. If a business neglects their loyal fan base, they do so at their peril as these customers will soon begin to comment negatively across the media platforms that the business has been neglecting. No matter how small the number of customers is, if they are using a certain platform, the company must be on it too. Any business, big or small, can enable notifications to respond to inquiries immediately. A lack of response can lose a customer.

  1. Enable the purchase of bigger benefits

Some of the larger companies have realised that customers will pay more for better perks, such as Amazon Prime for example. Other ideas include discounts for membership, members only special offers or members only event access. Even a small membership fee can help customers feel closer to their favourite brands and the perks or benefits justify the additional cost. For help with an effective marketing strategy for your business, try a Cheltenham PR Agency like

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  1. Get more focused with marketing

Customers are very switched on to when brands are trying to speak to everyone with a single approach and not a personal one. The problem is that when brands do this, they end up being heard by nobody. Consider that even products or services with a straightforward use can still have customers of very different demographics, wants and needs. Although a more granular approach to marketing will cost more initially, planning for personalization and specific audiences will pay dividends. There is certainly money to save and money to be made from offering different content for different segments of the market.