Tips for Being Healthy in the Office

Keep an eye on your posture – it is easy to slump at a desk, but try not to – it causes back problems later on down the line. Make sure that your work station is set up correctly for you – have a look at this guide. You may want to have a look at the office furniture (particularly the selection of Operator Chairs) which are sourced from sites like – It is easy to graze all day at a desk, but try not to. Keep healthy snacks on hand like raisins or carrot sticks, sugar is bad as you get a rush and then a slump. Bananas are a good food for energy.

Eye Health – Eye health is very important, and it is particularly important that when using a VDU, you get your eyes checked regularly. If you use glasses, use the anti-glare lenses if possible, they will offer more protection from the glare of the screen.

Air Quality – Air in an office is often recycled through an air conditioning unit. This is bad because it allows germs to spread – all that recycled air is not good for your skin either! If possible open a window, and go outside for a walk at lunchtime.

Stress – The second biggest cause of long term absence from work in the UK is stress. If you are feeling under too much pressure, talk to your boss or HR department, and remember it is ok to say no! Give clear reasons and a constructive solution.

Mobile Phones – Looking down at a mobile phone or sitting hunched over a keyboard can cause back and neck problems. Look away for a bit and walk around if you can.

Caffeine – Try to cut down on tea and coffee – drink water if possible to hydrate you. Too much caffeine causes sweating, dizziness and a rapid heartbeat. If you are a real coffee addict, try alternating your coffee with a glass or water.

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Clean your Keyboard! – The average keyboard is dirtier than a toilet seat! So keep your work area clean, including your mouse and the area around it! If you eat at your desk (it is better to avoid this if possible!), give it a clean afterwards so the germs don’t build up!