Match your transport to your wedding theme

Organising your upcoming wedding can be a minefield of overwhelming decisions to make, including arranging the transport for your big day. You are likely to have already chosen your wedding theme, so the following suggestions are designed to be a perfect complement and to add a touch of sparkle to the celebrations.

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Classic charm

What could be a better way to get to the church on time than in a Rolls-Royce or Bentley? If you are following in traditional footsteps, choose a classic car to complement your conventional wedding theme and impress all your friends and family.


When you want to get back to basics, opt for a more relaxing vibe alongside nature. Celebrate tying the knot by deciding on a jazzed-up tractor or horse and cart to add a rustic touch to a unique wedding occasion.


Seal the deal in super-speed style when your choice is a luxury wedding theme by hiring a beautiful fast car, such as a Lamborghini or Maserati. It can even be possible to match a car to your wedding’s colour scheme for that extra lavish look of living the high life.

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Festival chic

If you are planning to have a bohemian edge to your wedding by means of a festival theme, why not choose something like classic Welsh Coast Campervans to transport you to the ceremony?

Fairy tale

No fairy tale-themed wedding should be without a horse and carriage for the fabulous princess bride-to-be. Travel in royal fashion in a traditional horse-drawn carriage; alternatively, for additional flair, a Cinderella ‘pumpkin’ carriage makes for a really magical experience and some beautiful photographs.

if you want to be practical but fun you could hire a Dorset Coach Hire company found with businesses including turnerscoaches who are bound to bring you and your family to the church and venue on time every time.


Do you aim to hark back to the bygone days of the 40s or 50s to carry you through your big day? If your choice is a vintage wedding theme, a Morris Minor is the perfect choice and can be hired in a range of colours to suit the celebrations.

How your wedding party gets to the church on time will not only reflect your personality but also make for some fun photos and ensure your memories last forever.