Washing wool safely

We all have clothes that we love and want to wear often. However, if washed incorrectly, wool can shrink, so our favourite jumpers often end up tucked away at the back of the wardrobe. Here are some tips for hand and machine washing to prevent a needless wardrobe malfunction.

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Hand washing wool

Imagine that you want to wash your favourite mens crew neck Aran sweater, but don’t want to risk putting it through a gentle machine wash. Hand washing is perfect for freshening up precious items and for removing light stains and marks.

* Fill your sink with a mild soap powder and lukewarm water.
* Read the instructions on your garment thoroughly
* Fully immerse your garment in the sink and gently move it around in the water for approximately one minute
* Leave it to soak for a further ten minutes
* Take the garment out and remove the excess water by wringing it with your hands. It may feel heavy, and it may feel like there is a lot of water, but don’t worry or be put off by part this part of the process
* Empty the sink and fill with cold water – Rinse and repeat the process.

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Machine washing wool

Machine washing carries a higher risk of shrinkage than hand washing, but is occasionally essential if your garment is stained or needs a thorough wash. The most important part of the process is to read the label carefully and follow the instructions to the letter. The only time you should ever machine wash a wool garment is if the label specifically says that it is safe to do so. Buying a gift? https://www.shamrockgift.com/mens-crew-neck-aran-sweater might be one suggestion.

Do you have a mesh bag? Don’t worry if you don’t. However, popping your garment in one will help to prevent snagging during the wash cycle.

Next, be guided by the setting on your washing machine. Most modern machines will have a designated wool setting – if not, then opt for the coldest possible setting.

Need help? Visit https://www.surfexcel.in/laundry/laundry-tips/fabrics/can-wash-wool-washing-machine.html.

A quick final note on drying your garment: placing it on a clean towel and rolling it from side-to-side will help to absorb any excess water and help it keep its original shape. Don’t twist or wring the towel – gently rolling it will do the trick.