Reasons to go glamping right now

If you’ve never been glamping, then you are really missing out. It offers the perfect combination of getting back to nature but with supreme comfort and luxury thrown in too. Staycations are becoming increasingly popular, with many people deciding to discover the hidden gems of their home country without jetting off abroad. Here are some compelling reasons to book your glamping trip today:

A new experience

Although the concept of glamping has been around for a few years now, many people are yet to try it out. If you’re looking for something new, be it a treehouse, yurt, safari lodge or shepherd’s hut, you’ll be sure to have an interesting and totally unique holiday that you’ll want to repeat again next year. For more information on Shepherd Huts, visit

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Special family time

One of the best things about glamping is escaping the rat race and enjoying some time in the great outdoors. It’s an opportunity for quality family time, away from the internet and gaming, emails and voicemail. Whether you are travelling with kids or as a couple, you’ll love the chance to talk, laugh, play and relax without technology interrupting repeatedly.


To be able to stand outside, take a deep lungful of clean, fresh air and gaze at the night sky full of stars is a chance we don’t get very often in our hectic lives. Glamping sites are located in rural areas, on the edges of small villages or towns, away from car fumes, noise and light pollution. Simply lie on your back and enjoy nature’s twinkly light show.

Less fuss

Camping is hard work, let’s be honest. There are so many bits of equipment to remember, setting up normally ends in arguments and if the weather is poor, it can really sink the mood. When you go glamping however, you just turn up, kick back and start enjoying your holiday straight away.

Dining alfresco

Another great thing about the glamping experience is the chance to dine outdoors. Who doesn’t love a good summer BBQ? You’ll be in a fantastic rural location with access to delicious fresh local produce. This could be a foodie’s paradise! There’s something immensely satisfying about cooking and eating outdoors, followed by a relaxing evening of games under the stars.

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Often the more basic things in life are the most pleasurable. Glamping offers the ideal chance to wind down, enjoy the moment and forget about your hectic schedule. There is nowhere you need to be, time no longer matters. You’ll feel the tension evaporate from your neck and shoulders, as you re-attune yourself to the beauty of nature and the simple pleasures in life.