Surprising uses for your silicone hose

If you use a silicone hose for only one reason, you might be amazed at the diverse applications and uses where a silicone hose can be effective. Due to its durability, versatility and heat tolerance, the silicone hose is adopted in a variety of different industries.

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Car detailing

An increasing number of car enthusiasts are using silicone hoses in their car’s coolant systems, which can easily be spotted at auto shows across the country. Some drivers go to great lengths to find custom silicone hoses in unique colours to match the customisation and detail of their vehicle.


Homebrewing has skyrocketed in recent years, with many amateurs producing their own concoctions, giving professional brewers a run for their money –

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A home brewery is relatively simple to set up, but requires a silicone hose to siphon wine or beer between containers. The silicone hose not only minimises the air flowing into the alcohol, but is also available in a variety of lengths and diameters to suit any brewing equipment. Enquire with silicone hose manufacturers such as Goodflex Rubber for tubing to suit your needs.

Dairy farming

Silicone hosing is a vital part of milking machines, working in a vacuum pump that produces a pulsating suction. The tubing generates an effective flow of milk into the tank from the cow.
Silicone tubing is the ideal choice for dairy farming due to its high tolerance in vacuums. Working as a connector in the middle of the vacuum line and vacuum pump, carrying the milk into the tank and between the pulsator and teat cups.


Smoking hookah is increasingly common, and no longer confined to Middle Eastern lounges and restaurants. They can even be found in homes. The hookah hose is constructed from flexible, slender silicone tubing, which enables the vapour to be drawn through the tube long enough to cool before inhaling.


Any aquarium with air devices such as filters or air stones requires a length of silicone hose to connect them. A long-lasting and more flexible alternative to vinyl, silicone creates a tight seal between the supply of air and air device.

Coffee making

Many espresso coffee and cappuccino machines utilise silicone tubing within their casing. Silicone is not susceptible to leaks and has great heat resistance to transport water and milk.