Man Cave Must-Haves

Every man deserves a man cave. A man cave offers peace and quality time to just be a man. Partners also love man caves as a little time spent apart is good for both people. Everyone needs their own space and a some ‘me’ time every now and then. So what are the must-have items to include in the man cave?

Man caves can be any size or shape, a part of the house or in a shed, garage or other outbuilding. It can be the only room or space where you can have total design control. If you’re lucky enough to have one then make sure it’s uniquely you in every way. Whether you’re going to chill out, catch up on extra work or projects or enjoy the footy in peace – be sure to include the following:

  • A TV – this is essential if you are going to be watching sports in peace. Ideally a large flat screen mounted on the wall would be perfect and you could even invite the family in once in a while to watch a movie.
  • A Recliner – falling asleep on a sofa can play havoc with your neck so if you’re likely to nod off then a recliner is perfect. It’s not just for the TV either as it’s ideal for catching up on work calls, reading the newspaper or just browsing on your mobile or tablet.
  • If your man cave is going to be for DIY or working on hobbies and interests then you’re going to need some storage space ideas for your tools and bits and bobs. Used Pallet racking is a great and cheap way of knowing where all your stuff is at a glance. For more information, visit
  • Bar and Fridge – the bar is not essential if you’re not a drinker but a fridge is useful for everyone. The whole point of a man cave is so you don’t have to go back and forth into the house to grab a drink or snack. If your mates are coming over to watch the big game then you’ll want easy access to the beverages.
  • Pool Table – if space permits then surely this is the ultimate addition to any man cave. Aside from hobbies and TV, most men (and even women) enjoy a game of pool and those who have the budget are decorating their man caves with the most quirky, unusual and unique pool tables on the market.

Man Cave Must-Haves

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  • Dart Board – as above, various forms of entertainment will make for a superior man cave. Darts are great for a party but just as fun for the partner and kids. A card table is another idea and many families enjoy time seated round such a table playing some card games.
  • Hammock – this is entirely optional but imagine how cool it would be to chill out in your own den in a hammock!