List of the Best Cars with a Manual Transmission

List of the Best Cars with a Manual Transmission

Driving is a real art, especially if you drive a car with a manual transmission. It is believed that it is much more difficult to lead such a model. But, despite this, most drivers claim that having learned to use “mechanics” competently, one does not want to switch to something else. Moreover, on this list of arguments in favor of the PCR does not end:

  • Costs cheaper – the price of mechanical transmissions is much lower than the automated analogs. Even buying an inexpensive model, you will be able to save considerably;
  • Easier to maintain – “mechanics” is characterized by a simple construction and high reliability. As a rule, it rarely breaks, spending its entire life resource to the end, of course, with regular oil changes. But even if something goes wrong, then any master can fix the problem, and it will do it quickly and inexpensively;
  • Saves fuel – fuel economy here is not compared to robotic boxes. Even a novice driver who has learned to use the lever correctly will be able to reduce this bar by 10-15% and at the same time save the budget;
  • Improves dynamics – this statement applies only to cars of medium and low price category;
  • Protects the brakes – the difference in wear of the brake discs and pads is most noticeable when driving within the city. If you are sensitive to this problem, then choose the manual;
  • Increases safety – the mechanical box provides much more opportunities in terms of controlling acceleration and deceleration;
  • Makes you think – does not provide an opportunity to relax and helps to maintain concentration on the road, which many modern drivers lack;
  • Gives pleasure from a trip – at the wheel of such a car, you can feel yourself the master of the situation because the “mechanic” does not interfere and gives you the control of the car the way you want.

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Does the mechanical box go down in history?

Unfortunately, today we can clearly see how the mechanical gearboxes are being forced out of the market.

They are replaced by cars, equipped with all kinds of electronic devices, and this is quite a natural phenomenon.

The fact is that before MKPP were considered much more effective, but modern technologies have moved far ahead. Now the machines have advanced technical parameters, ahead of their predecessors in many parameters.

List of the Best Cars with a Manual TransmissionAuto for connoisseurs of mechanics

Regardless of the fashion trends, some drivers are not going to switch to an automatic transmission. After all, it is “mechanics” that makes it possible to feel the character of the machine, the road and give full control over the engine. In addition, you do not have to thanklessly rotate the wheel. You will be able to choose your own style of riding, learn how to pass bends and monitor speed.

In terms of handling, the MCP still outperforms the automatic transmission, which is why it is more often installed on racing cars. Yes, and repair of the checkpoint, in this case, will be cheaper, which is considered a huge advantage.

Today, especially for fans of the old school, we have prepared a list of the best cars, equipped with a manual transmission. This rating was compiled by the authoritative agency US News & World Report’s, which for a number of characteristics managed to identify the best representatives with manual control.

Audi A5

List of the best cars with fur.  Gearbox The head of today’s rating is the representative of the German car industry. In addition to the MCP, this sports car offers a four-cylinder engine that is equipped with a Quattro all-wheel drive and has a capacity of 252 horsepower. The average price of the brand is about 42.5 thousand dollars.

Honda AccordList of the Best Cars with a Manual Transmission

The next copy is a Japanese sedan. The range of power plants is represented here by two options – an engine with a power of 192 and 252 horsepower, which will work in tandem with a six-speed manual transmission. The price of the model is much lower than the “German” and is about 23.5 thousand dollars.

Porsche 718 Boxster

One more German sports car closes the top three. Its basic equipment includes the presence of a powerful turbocharged engine, but this luxury will have to pay about 57.4 thousand dollars.

Chevrolet Corvette / Corvette Z06

This sports car of American origin cannot but arouse interest. He proposes to become the owner of the eight-cylinder engine with a capacity of 455 and 460 horsepower. There is also a more powerful version with supercharging, which has a capacity of 650 and 755 horsepower. The cost of the model is about 55,5 thousand dollars.

Honda Civic / Civic Type RList of the Best Cars with a Manual Transmission

The fifth place was taken by another sports model. This is a five-seat hatchback, which offers a variety of options for the transmission of your choice. Here, even a variation for fuel economy is available. The price of the brand is about 18.8 thousand dollars.

Ford Mustang

List of cars with a manual transmissionFord Mustang is a cult car with a distinctive sporty appearance that immediately catches the eye. This model is offered with a six-speed manual transmission and powerful engines. The base cost of the car is about 25.6 thousand dollars.

Honda Fit

The seventh place in today’s rating was taken by a five-door hatchback, which looks very similar to a miniature car. It is offered with a six-speed gearbox to choose from. To buy this car, you have to spend a little more than 16 thousand dollars.

Mazda MiataList of the Best Cars with a Manual Transmission

The Mazda Miata Roadster features improved dynamics, good suspension, and soft gearshifts, so driving this car will bring you real joy. The price of the basic model is about 25,3 thousand dollars.

Kia Soul

Kia Soul of South Korean production is sold together with a 130-horsepower four-cylinder engine. The price of the car is 16,2 thousand dollars.

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Volkswagen GTI

The legendary Volkswagen GTI closes the top ten leaders. “Nemets” is equipped with a turbo engine with a power of 220 horsepower and a six-speed manual transmission with soft switching. The cost of the hatchback is 26, 4 thousand dollars.