How to understand when the tires have to be changed

How to understand when the tires have to be changed

How to understand when it is time to change the tires? The quality of our car tires is essential for road safety.

To measure tire wear, which must never fall below the minimum threshold of 1.6 mm, just do a simple test. That of the 2 Dollar. By inserting it between the grooves of the tire, we will understand if the tires need to be replaced. In fact, if we can see the edge of the silver crown of the coin, then it means that the rubber is now useless and dangerous.

Age of tiresHow to understand when the tires have to be changed

On average, the tires have a service life of around six years. But the age of an eraser is not enough to tell us if we are traveling in total safety. In fact, over time, even beyond wear, a tire tends to vulcanize or to harden, losing grip. Everyone recommends replacing all tires, even spare wheels if they are six years old.

For proper maintenance, alignment and balancing count. These are operations that are periodically requested from the tire to avoid accelerating tread wear. Another useful tip is to change all four tires at the same time regardless of the condition of the individual tire. If you are forced to replace only two tires, it is best to start by mounting the two new ones on the back. This increases the maneuverability of the car and reduces the risk of aquaplaning.

Summer and winter tiresHow to understand when the tires have to be changed

Those who live in areas where the winter is quite long and stiff, winter tires have the advantage of significantly improving the movements on wet and icy surfaces.

However, if the temperatures are not at least 7 degrees above zero, the wear on the tread increases considerably. Also that of fuel, it is calculated at least 5% more. In addition, winter tires offer better performance, especially at low temperatures, although we must take into account the legislation to know when it is mandatory to mount them.

Pirelli campaign

With a view to increasing awareness among motorists on the subject of road safety, Pirelli and the tire manufacturers association have promoted a campaign to find out whether the tires in use are reliable.How to understand when the tires have to be changed

Four key elements to check pressure, alignment, rotation, and tread. A gauge will tell us if our tires are properly inflated, allowing us to save fuel. The measurement of the pressure should be done in the morning when the tires are still cold. Any misalignment causes an irregular and faster wear of the tread. In any case, a good habit to take is to rotate the tires at each oil change, in fact, an uneven wear of the tires reduces grip on the road, especially in adverse conditions.