Fashion trends for spring-summer 2018

If you want to ensure you are in fashion, you need to follow these trends. According to Vogue, they are the hottest spring and summer looks, and you need to be wearing them!

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Cycling shorts

In many ways, we’ve headed straight back to the 80s and it looks like there are a few trends that fashionistas have thought about recycling. Cycling shorts have been given a new lease of life, but this time around, they are far prettier, and lace has taken over from Lycra. Very much the new leggings, cycling shorts are hot this year.

See-through handbags

Clutter is so last season, and if Chanel, Celine and Valentino have anything to do with it, that’s where it will stay. Clear handbags are in vogue, and sleek and sexy is the name of the game. Plastic bags with studded, lined and decorated inners were spotted all over the catwalk.

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Cardigans didn’t make it on to the BBC’s list of top fashions for the season but the cardigan is very much a desirable item right now. But no boring cardi will do, it must be embellished or bejewelled or feature flowery embroidery in order to pass muster.

Cotton and chintz

Think pretty porcelain and pale colours – cotton is in, but it must be floral, chintzy or beautifully light in colour. Dressmaking fabric like you’d find at offers plenty of options to create whimsical dresses, skirts and shirts, and the lighter and flimsier looking, the better.


Like the cardigan, this may come as some sort of a shock, but again, no ordinary tracksuit will do. This season’s tracksuit is souped up and sexy, and has been embellished in a stylish way. Ribbon trim, beading, sequins and racing stripes are all de rigeur, and the glitzier the better. Think the velour tracksuit trend, but with a sleeker update, and far more style.

Clumpy shoes

If they are ugly, they are in. That’s the buzz from the catwalk, and it looks like gum boots, Velcro sandals and bad platforms are back with a vengeance, and clumpy soles are seriously on trend. These shoes are supposed to show that the wearer has a sense of humour and doesn’t take himself or herself too seriously, and that they are not afraid to stand out and take risks!