5 things to know before you drive your new camper van

Ah, the open road! There is something exhilarating about the thought of loading up your van and heading off on a trip; however, if you have never driven a camper van before, here are some worthwhile tips before you get behind the wheel.

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Pare it down

Many people mistakenly think that a camper van is akin to a motorhome and can therefore store a myriad of non-essentials. Stoves, beds and people should be at the top of your list, so plan carefully. Storage in Welsh Coast Campers and others can be limited.

Make a plan

We have all meticulously packed, as above, and thought we were ready for the off; however, has the best campsite been sourced? Road trips can be alluring, but getting behind the wheel is only the start of the journey. To avoid disappointment, make sure you have an end destination. Do your research, read campsite reviews and make sure you choose one that suits the needs of your fellow travellers, not forgetting the all-important power hook up.

Go for a trial run

Typically, camper vans – particularly the modern variety available from specialists such as Welsh Coast Campers – are taller, wider and heavier than the traditional car. If you are new to the camper van driving fraternity, make sure you are confident and comfortable behind the wheel. Stopping distances are reduced when driving a camper, so go for a few drives to familiarise yourself with the driving experience. Remember that camper vans are not powerful beasts, so be aware of traffic and its build up. You should also make sure that all items are secure to ensure there are no distracting rattles as you drive!

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The small print

All vans – Welsh Coast Campers included – need filling up with both water and gas, so do this beforehand to avoid the irritation of sourcing both on your trip. Turn off the gas when it is not needed, and be mindful of battery life if there is no hook up where you are staying. Follow these simple steps and you can enjoy a perfect camper van trip!

Water, water everywhere

Every camper has a wastewater tank, and every one of these needs emptying. There are designated areas for doing just this, so make sure your campsite has one.