How to narrow the dilated skin pores

The skin is covered with pores, which are small holes where the roots of hair or follicles are found. They allow the skin to breathe to refresh the body, as well as remove sebum, a fatty substance that protects the skin and forms a thin layer that helps regulate body temperature while blocking the work of bacteria trying to get comfortable on the skin.

The sebaceous glands that we have distributed throughout the body, except on the soles of the feet and on the palms of the hands, are responsible for secreting the sebum. If we leave a trace of grease with our fingers, it is not because of the sebum, but rather because we may have touched some area in which the skin is greasy, such as the face.

The size of the pores varies considerably from one person to another. To be honest, people usually prefer to have small pores (it’s thinner than having them big!). When they are small, the skin seems firmer, smoother and less hanging.

Hormones also play an important role, since they activate the production of sebum. That’s why teens have oily skin. Women, whose hormone production varies during cycles, may have more oily skin while they ovulate and during pregnancy.

How to narrow pores

Charcoal face scrub clean the pores and eliminate the fat and waste and dead cells they contain, the first thing to do is perspire regularly, doing intense physical activity and, if we can, complete it by spending some time in the sauna.

In any case, we must forget about too hot and too long showers that dilate the pores of the skin and redden it. Showering and bathing in cold water is great for contracting the capillaries (small blood vessels of the skin) and firming the skin.

You can even go through the face of an ice cube to further reduce the pores. Wrap it in a cotton towel and apply it over the enlarged pores with a light pressure, between 30 seconds and 1 minute maximum so as not to irritate the skin. Keep reading

Activated charcoal and Ice to narrow the pores


Preparation of ice:

  • Grind the coal to the state of the powder.
  • Dissolve the coal in the water. If the activated charcoal is not completely dissolved – it’s okay, you can pour the molds directly with the grains.
  • Put molds in the freezer.

Ice with activated charcoal is very useful for skin with dilated pores. It can be used after the above masks to fix the effect. With such ice, you can wipe your face in the morning to cheer up after sleep. And you can wipe in the evening, after removing makeup. In any case, antibacterial water will clean the skin, and the ice will narrow the pores.