Tips on Choosing Super King Size Quilt Covers

Choosing the Right Super King Size Quilt Cover for Various Room Styles

Room styles can dictate what colors of quilt covers, linen, and pillows that you choose. You would not want a cover that looks out of place in a room. The color can also alter the illusion of how large or small your bed is. A darker quilt color can make the entire bedspread look smaller than it already is, while a quilt cover done in bold and bright colors can make it look larger than it is. Choosing the right color can help you downplay the size of a very large bed, or make a smaller bed the focal point of the bedroom.

Choosing a Quilt Cover that Matches the Overall Room Theme and Decor

The color and patterns of a quilt are also important considerations. You can use the color and designs to determine whether or not a particular cover will match the existing design or theme in your bedroom. Country cottage rooms will be complimented by quilt covers done in soft pastels with floral prints, for example, or soft, light colors with a shabby chic design.

Contrast is always good. It is important to remember that if you have light colored walls, such as white walls, darker dark-colored covers or black quilt covers will provide the best contrast. Asian-inspired rooms will work great with earth or metal-colored quilts or spreads. A little bit of sheen or gloss, which you can get on quilts made of silk, are excellent compliments to an Asian inspired bed space. Modern minimalist bedrooms are more flexible, and depending on the color scheme, you can opt for bright, bold colors and block designs. Quilts with more expensive thread counts are great for modern minimalist styles as well as traditional European bedroom designs. Children’s quilt covers are easier to choose. Favorite cartoon characters or bright floral and other kiddie designs are great picks for a kid’s room.


Pointers on Patterns

Patterns are also important. Too much pattern can create a cluttered look. If the bed is the focal point in the room, you need to consider if you need more or less pattern. If the walls have solid blocks of white or some other color, you can incorporate pattern in the quilt to create contrast and interest. However, if the walls are already filled with patterns, such as those incorporated in the wallpaper, you can lessen the visual clutter by choosing quilt covers with none or very little patterns. Bedrooms are places of rest and serenity, but too much visual clutter can create distractions. Stick to simple or minimalist designs if you already have too much detail in the room.

Super king size quilt covers are not just for sleeping, they are also great accessories that help define the overall look of a room. In fact, because quilt covers are what you use to cover a king sized bed, the color of the cover can also affect the overall color dynamic in the room. Other points to consider include patterns, thread counts, and the existing design theme of the room.

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