5 Reasons a Cosmetology Career is a Great Investment

With skyrocketing tuition costs for higher education, more people are turning to technical and vocational schools to learn trades and make a great living. Cosmetology school helps satisfy your creative side and gives you an opportunity to earn a six-figure salary. Here are 5 reasons that a cosmetology career is a lucrative and rewarding investment in your future.

1. Income potential
When it comes to income for cosmetologists, the sky is the limit. This career is all about what you make it, how you market yourself, and the business decisions you make along the way. The average salary for a cosmetologist varies from state to state but generally sits around $29,050. Keep in mind that this is simply an average. Thousands of cosmetologists make six-figure salaries while doing what they love.

2. Endless career choices
A cosmetology license opens up the doors to a variety of career choices. While some cosmetologists may work in a salon for an hourly rate, others rent out their own space and pay a monthly percentage or fixed amount to the salon owner (booth rent). Plenty of cosmetologists have chosen to open their own salon working out of their home or in a rented building. Others have gone on to work on movie sets, in print work such as Vogue, or worked their way up to being a celebrity hairstylist.

3. Fresh faces
Every day holds something new for a cosmetologist. Many individuals in the working world make the same, or less, as a cosmetologist doing the same tasks day in and day out. With a cosmetology license, you get to meet new people every day, form relationships with clients, and you never have to get stuck in the rut of monotonous work tasks.

4. Travel
Depending on the salon you work in, you may be able to have your travel expenses covered or even be paid for traveling. There are beauty shows and seminars around the country that salon owners encourage their employees to go to. They invest in their employees by sending them to these shows in order to help perfect their stylist’s skills. Not only can you get a free trip, but you get free education as well.

5. Creativity
Cosmetology is a very creative career. Artists flock to this field because they are able to make money by doing what they love, making people feel beautiful, and exercising their creative side. New cuts, trendy colors, and creative challenges are just a few perks of this artistic career field.