Fire Extinguisher Labels Help Save Lives

Fire extinguishers are one of the best ways to protect buildings and their occupants. They play a vital role for fire prevention in both residential and commercial applications. Portable fire extinguishers are easy to recognize and are designed for quick access in case of an emergency. For them to work properly, they need to be maintained, inspected, and tested annually to comply with all regulations.

Visual Inspections

Extinguishers need to be visually inspected once a month. Part of this inspection includes checking the label to ensure it is up to date. Labels play a very important role in the regulatory control of fire extinguishers.

Fire Extinguisher Labels

Specific companies and organizations that require specialty labels for fire extinguishers include:

-Certified refurb centers
-Inspection businesses

The labels can be printed with the company name and logo on the front.


Inspected tag information is a vital part of any fire extinguisher. It contains pertinent information about each individual extinguisher. They also are a way to see exactly when the last inspection occurred and who performed it. The service record is required and must be easily visible at all times. It also documents servicing, when it was new, and the date it was recharged. All this information is used during the inspection process.


The durability and legibility of the labels is essential during the entire warranty period of the fire extinguisher. They must remain legible and in place at all times. All the information on the label is used to verify functionality and is informational.

Fuel Types

The fuel type template is used for labels to clarify exactly what type of fuel is used. There are a wide variety of extinguishing agents available that are designed to stop different types of fires. These categories are based on the material that is burning. Each type of fire requires a specialized fire extinguisher. They are divided into Fire Classes A-E and are located according to the potential fuel source for that area.

Label Information

Each section on the label serves a purpose such as the:

-Monthly inspection record
-Year manufactured
-Installation date
-Owners ID number
-Current year
-Fire Class
-City and state

One glance at the label gives the person all of the information they need about the fire extinguisher.

Saving Lives

Fire extinguishers save lives, and the labels that are on them play an essential part. They are instructional and help businesses stay compliant with the Global Harmonization System, DOT, OSHA, CGA, NPGA, FDA, NFPA, UL, and NACD. Quality labels ensure that the information is clear and readable even for those that are located outside in direct sunlight or wet conditions for long periods of time. A good label is meant to last.