Why art makes a wonderful gift

With wedding season upon us, many uninspired guests are probably quibbling over whether to buy their newlywed pals the kettle or the toaster.

Why art makes a wonderful gift

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With a report in Time Magazine suggesting that millennials simply don’t want traditional wedding gifts anymore, perhaps it’s time to start thinking out of the box when it comes to congratulating the happy couple. Art is an increasingly popular gift choice for weddings, birthdays and other gift-giving occasions. What is it about art – contemporary and traditional – that makes it such a great gift you give to your loved ones whatever the occasion?

It is unique

Unlike mass-produced bed linen or tableware, original artwork is a truly unique gift that will stand apart from other household items. Much of the allure of original art is that while there may be other similar items, there will never be anything exactly the same. This makes for a perfect gift and also ensures you won’t duplicate gifts with any of the other guests.

It is ethical

Many small-time artists rely heavily on eagle-eyed consumers liking their artwork enough to part with their cash. Supporting small business owners and tradesmen has a wealth of benefits for your local economy and a real feel-good factor, too. Take the plunge and invest in the original artwork of one of your local, small-time artists.

Why art makes a wonderful gift2

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There are so many possibilities

Art is such a broad spectrum that you are bound to find something that suits the tastes of all couples. From contemporary Pop Art to traditional portraits, surrealism, abstract art, giclee prints like those from (http://www.river-studio.com/fine-art-printing/fine-art-giclee-printing.php) and everything in between, you can almost certainly find something to appeal to anyone – even those who might not necessarily think they are art fans.

No assembly

Unlike some popular household appliances, artwork generally requires no assembly or batteries and can quickly be displayed. This is a convenient way for busy newlyweds to quickly furnish their new home with no fuss needed.

It is timeless

Unlike appliances that age, break and generally have a fairly short life span, a piece of artwork is a gift that will be able to stand the test of time and even be passed down the generations. It is a meaningful and timeless gift that can be proudly displayed with ease.