How to Lose Weight Quickly and Permanently?

How to Lose Weight Quickly and Permanently?

Hips are a popular storage area for fat cells. Moreover, a gynoid or pear-shaped morphology is characterized by wide hips. This is explained by hormonal changes and a diet too fat and/or too sweet. To lose hips quickly, it is necessary to follow some essential rules. Follow our advice…

To lose hips, make the right choices!

Articulation that connects the thigh to the pelvis, the hip is an area of the body where fats like to lodge. In both women and men, these fat deposits from the famous love handle, which are sometimes accompanied by cellulite.

No need to do targeted exercises!

When you want to lose weight hips, it quickly becomes an obsession. Full of goodwill, we decided to do daily targeted fitness exercises to eliminate these pesky love handles: toning small and medium glutes, bust rotations, lateral sheathing, hula hoop … Now, after several weeks, no result on his silhouette!How to Lose Weight Quickly and Permanently

Get straight to the point with a personal coach!

It is usually at that moment that one discourages oneself and decides to call on a home coach. Thus, you realize that it is useless to fight on his hips to see them refine. During 20 min to 1h, 3 to 5 times a week, your sports coach will offer a 100% personalized program, adapted to your abilities and especially ultra effective to lose your love handles and eliminate your cellulite. Discover our services

To eliminate your bulges, think intensity!

To lose hips quickly, you have to make the right choices! Stop the bust rotations, the 30 repetitions and the sessions where you are barely out of breath. For results, it is necessary to intensify your workouts and incorporate exercises that appeal to many muscle groups. Running, swimming, jumping rope, squat or HIIT sessions will burn up a lot of calories and will help you refine your figure.

3 exercises to refine your hips

1. The BurpeesHow to Lose Weight Quickly and Permanently?

Complete and intense exercise, the burpees are undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to go “to type” in the fats and to reduce your turn of hips! No need for equipment or large space, this movement is achievable everywhere!

The exercise involves squatting, stretching the legs backward, and then flexing the arms (“pump” type), before making a new leap forward, to finish with a jump in extension. Depending on your level of practice, the pump movement and the last jump are not mandatory.

The idea is then to repeat this sequence several times in order to mobilize enough your muscles and your cardiovascular system to get maximum efficiency. For example, you can start with 4 sets of 8 burpees, with 2 minutes of recovery between each series.

2. The Mountain climberHow to Lose Weight Quickly and Permanently?

Very cardio also, mountain climber exercise consists, hands in support of the ground, to bring back alternately and quickly your legs as if you ran on the spot.

5 sets of 30 seconds of exercise will be perfect to start. As the weeks go by, gain in intensity while increasing the duration of the effort.

3. Oblique sheathing + leg liftsHow to Lose Weight Quickly and Permanently?

To work both your hips and your abs, the idea here is to combine oblique sheathing with elevations of legs. This exercise, less cardio than the previous 2, is however very effective to strengthen your lateral muscles, and especially those located at the hips. If it will have little impact on the elimination of your love handles, it will allow you to tone your figure and get shapely hips.

Instructions: Position yourself in oblique sheathing, basin very high, and realize several elevations of a leg.

Lose hips; it also happens on the plate!

Now that you have some useful exercises to refine and sculpt your figure, it is essential to take a close look at what is happening on your plate. To eliminate the fat deposits located around your hips, the idea is to gradually reduce your portions, while gaining nutritional quality. Here are our 5 dietary tips for losing hips:

1. Limit industrial and processed foods

When you decide to lose weight, it is essential to rethink your race list. No more ready-made dishes that save you time but contains many empty calories and additives. Stop pizzas, chips, frozen lasagna, biscuits, canned ravioli, etc. Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables and concoct your own dishes.

2. Spread your protein, carbohydrates and fat correctly

At first, it is not necessary to weigh one’s food. However, you must have an overall idea of what is going on your plate.

Regarding proteins, it is necessary to consume at each meal, for a daily total of 1.5 to 2 g. per kilo of body weight. Chicken, turkey, fish, egg … but also vegetable protein!How to Lose Weight Quickly and Permanently?

Side lipids, bet on almonds, cashews, olive oil or even avocado. Choose unsaturated fats for a daily total of 1 g. per kilo of body weight.

Finally, carbohydrates serve as a caloric adjustment. In other words, it is by decreasing them that you can lose weight and refine your hips. However, be careful not to fall into excess via a low carbohydrate diet, carbohydrates bring energy! As part of a slimming program, choose foods with a low glycemic index. For example, rice, lentils or oatmeal are excellent choices.

3. Split your meals

The idea is to eat more often but to reduce portions. By taking a snack at 10 am and 16h, you can reduce cravings and the size of your plates at the main meals. At 10 am, eat an apple. At 16h, why not be tempted by some almonds, a vegetable drink, and 30 g. oatmeal. You will arrive less hungry at the next meal.

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4. Be proactive

Have you ever heard of “meal prep”? It’s the art of preparing your meals in advance. Here is one of the keys to your success in losing your love handles. In the evening for the next day, prepare a healthy and balanced meal to eat at the office or between colleagues. So, it’s useless to rush to the bakery at the last minute to buy a sandwich, pizza, and other sodas.

5. Drink at least 1.5 l. of water per dayHow to Lose Weight Quickly and Permanently?

Sufficient hydration helps to lose weight and thus lose weight. Always have a bottle of water for you to drink all day long in small sips. Highly limit alcohol and sodas that contain many calories.

Other tips for losing your love handles

Beyond an adapted sports and food program, some tips can help eliminate localized fat at your hips:

  • Massage palpate roll: they promote better circulation and are very effective in the treatment of cellulite and water retention. To do institute, via a professional or through devices such as Cellu M6, or yourself, with a suction cup for example.
  • Slimming creams: applied regularly taking the time to massage the area to be treated, this type of cream is a little more important to gain a few inches of the hip. There are various products on the market, including percutafein, a particularly effective gel to fight against cellulite.
  • Electrotherapy and ultrasonolipolysis: these methods work with devices equipped with electrodes, which can eliminate fat deposits by sending electrical currents, ultrasound or infrared on the area to be treated.

In summary

You’ll understand, with slim hips quickly, no need to string hundreds of abs or want to work obliques at all costs. It is thanks to a generalized weight loss, caused by global and intensive exercises, as well as a good diet that you will reach your goal. Jump, run, swim, in short, spend intensely while having a healthy diet and the results will be at the rendezvous.