Do you need a TV licence?

Live TV

If you’re watching live TV, you need to have a TV licence. Live TV is any programme you watch or record being shown live on TV or online. It covers events like news, music and sport, as well as series, soaps, documentaries and movies. You need a licence if:

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– you are watching channels other than the BBC
– you record a programme to watch later
– you watch a programme on delay
– you watch or record repeats
– you watch or record +1, +2 and +24 channels
– you watch programmes which are live on Red Button services
– you already pay for satellite, cable or other TV services.

BBC iPlayer

You need a licence to download or look at BBC iPlayer – whether live, on-demand or catch up. This applies to any provider and device you use.

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Other devices

Whatever device you use, you need a licence if you record or watch live TV programmes, or watch or download from iPlayer. This means:

– TVs (including smart TVs).
– Blu-ray, VHS recorders and DVD.
– Desktop and laptop computers.
Mobile phones, tablets and portable devices.
– Digital boxes and PVRs (for example Virgin Media, Sky and BT TV).
– Games consoles.
– Media streaming devices (for example Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku and Now TV).
– Freesat, Freeview and YouView.

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The legalities of TV licensing are covered here –

Watching away from home

If you take your phone, laptop or tablet to a friend’s house to watch TV, and plug your device into the mains, then you will be covered if that home has a TV licence. If not, you’ll need to buy a TV Licence for that abode.

If your device has not been plugged in, and you are recording or watching live TV programmes on a channel, or you are using BBC iPlayer, or devices powered by internal batteries, you will be covered by your home TV licence.

Paying for your TV licence

The standard TV Licence costs £150.50.

For business

If anyone on your premises uses devices provided by your organisation for recording or watching live TV programmes, or watches or downloads BBC programmes on iPlayer, you need a TV licence. This applies to employees who are sitting at their desks, in a staff or waiting area, or on shop floors.